About the Conference

What is Arvados?

Arvados is a modern open source platform for managing and processing large biomedical data.

By combining robust data and workflow management capabilities in a single platform, Arvados can organize and analyze petabytes of data and run reproducible and versioned computational workflows. Arvados supports the entire data life cycle, from acquisition to analysis, secure sharing, auditing, and reuse. Visit Arvados.org for more information.

Who Should Attend?

Current and prospective users of Arvados and anyone interested in learning more about it.

When is it?

Come join the Arvados virtual conference on Thursday November 17th, 2022 to meet others who are using or interested in using Arvados along with developers of the Arvados Plaform. There will be two sessions at the following times:

Session 1 5am-8am 8am-11am 1pm-4pm 2pm-5pm
Session 2 10am-1pm 1pm-4pm 6pm-9pm 7pm-10pm

Where is it?

The conference will be virtual. Video conference details (Zoom) will be sent out shortly before the conference starts to everyone who has registered. There will be a single personalized Zoom link send to you that works for both Arvados Summit Sessions.

How can I sign up attend the conference?

Please fill out the Registration form.

Can I speak at the conference?

Unfortunately, we have already set the agenda for the conference.

What will be covered?

Check out the Summit Agenda.

Code of Conduct

This event, like all Arvados community spaces and events, will be subject to the Arvados Code of Conduct.